Friday, 7 June 2013

The sword of the Gods!

Jeffrey Jones: Warrior

We were born to defy, we were born to heed our own heart´s call and our own voice. Amidst a sea of lame excuses, mediocrity, conformist rhetoric, and other bland sentiments that pass for ROCK MUSIC these days, we stand as an Island, a Fortress, a Bastion, a Haven for the Foundation of what we consider to be the True METAL Faith and perhaps the CLASSICAL MUSIC of the 21st CENTURY. A Testament to the Power of the Will, exploration and self expression. An alternative to the ever present corporate menace that passes for Popular Music.

As we approach the new Millennium, we see our goal to be a union, a convergence of various Forms into one. Music, be it ROCK based, CLASSICAL based or whatever, Poetry, Theatre, Painting, Sculpture and Film can and will be molded, blended and reborn in new and exciting shapes which enrich our World, galvanize our emotions, open our senses, our hearts, our minds to Spheres, Plains, Oceans of unlimited possibilities through which we may sea our Universe and our relationship so it in a new and different Light! To truly live, to drink the new Wine, to bathe in new Waters strange and beautiful, to embrace what was lost and what may be found, this is the Spirit which drives our passion ever onward!

We invite you to join us on this Quest for Life, Adventure and the Pursuit of all Forms of Emotion, Expression and Passion!!! BY THE GODS it is time to Fly!!! ALL are Welcome, ALL are One, THE GATE OF KINGS AND QUEENS is Open for those who have the Wish and the Will to Walk on through!!!

After the Fire, Water, Wrath, Storm, Pain and Tears... We will meet again in Honour, Faith & Love... Don´t be late!!!

D. DEFEIS 1996