Thursday, 31 October 2013

Island of my heart

Erskine Nicol: The Missing Boat

Take a break to hear my story
It's a tale that'll live forever
With a chance to learn something as well
'cross the seas, beyond the ocean
Lies a land never heard before
Where a war was fought for no real cause

In a little while two worlds collide
One single isle, two ways of life
It's been this way throughout the times

See the sun shine on the island of my heart
As we begin to see signs
Of the dreamtime bending in the cruel wind
And break for the first time

World is changing...
Oh, it's changing...

Feel loss of a mourning father
And the pangs of a guilty conscience
See the dreamer that we all once were
And the wrath of the violent stranger
Ignorant to the path of love

See the death where the dreamer is you
Universe alive, two worlds collide
No sceptered isle, but an age-old tribe
So it will be for all dreamtime

World is changing...
Oh, it's changing...

There's a promise within each human heart
Sealed in, planted, at the start of your life
Success is measured only in the way
This promise is outweighed
By the circumstances you face
Or in the way you can weave your promise
Into the fabric of dreamtime
So that it becomes one
Eternal, ever-lasting, unchanging
A world in itself

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Shadow Of A Promise

Philip Calderon: Home After Victory

Through empty words and promises the madman speaks
His lies go forth as law unto those who believe
Under dark commands he leads the way to a brighter day
Yet that day will never come, will never come, will never come
His day will come

Say the word and I will follow
Speak the truth I will believe
Cast not your shadow on my eyes
Open minds are lead astray
With the hope for a brighter day
Cast not your shadow on my heart
A promise made a promise kept
Remove the lie there's nothing left
Cast not your shadow of a promise

Generals bow before him while the people damn his name
Madman, God or just a fool
Using words of victory, justice and unity
To him these are lies - such an unfortunate surprise

With just one word a nation is moved and justifies his power
The tyrant laughs for in his mind he is supreme
Yet as the sun sets lowly in my heart a nation is broken
And the youth feel the pain, the youth feel the pain
The youth will rise against

Too late for words to turn back the hands of time
Yet deeds take place of sorrow and change its course in line
Dressed in robes of honor, blindly gaining our trust
Soon his robes will be stained with tyranny, with tyranny
With tyranny and blood

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Princess of the dawn...

John Anster Fitzgerald: Death of the Fairy Queen

There's rain on the mountain 
A white frost on the moors 
It's an epoch of eternity 
Waters touch the holy shore 
It's a land of mystery 
The world of unseen eyes 
You can feel the shadow of a princess 
She waits for you inside 
The guardians of God play the pawns 
Beg for mercy - hail the queen 
Princess of the Dawn 
In the war of the dragons 
Young blood ran it's course 
They fell to his blade 
The knight Iron Horse 
A forgotten priest 
Disappearing in the haze 
A chamber of vestal virgins 
Twilight is her slave 
The Wizard of Oz moved the pawns 
Life for satan - dust to dust 
Princess of the Dawn 
On the day of the testament 
The seventh moon was raging fire 
Heaven cried for the sacrifice 
The midnight sun was rising higher 
The Beauty and the Beast 
Lies in her royal crypt 
Her kiss is bitter sweet 
Death upon her lips 
The Holy Grail held the pawns 
Kings and bishops bow to grace 
Princess of the Dawn 
The guardians of God play the pawns 
Beg for mercy - hail the queen 
Princess of the Dawn 
A new day dawns for heaven and earth 
A first sunbeam is killing the night 
Once upon a time for ever more 
The gloom with the spirit of that Lady in White 
Princess - Princess - Princess of the Dawn 

Friday, 25 October 2013

False Messiah

Albrecht Dürer: The Revelation of St John, 12. The Sea Monster and the Beast with the Lamb's Horn

Was it written in the book that all would come
To bring PEACE and JOY to the land
Speaking in tongues that all would know
The day of judgement had begun

Follow me said the stranger
I'm the shepherd oh can't you see ?
This kingdom is yours. Eternity awaits
But first you must come to me

Oh beware
You can never tell
Oh beware
Of the false messiah's return

In the final days three lights will shine
In the east and then be gone
And the lamb and the beast will join the host
As the day becomes the night

The dead will rise, the blind will see
And the lame will walk again

(Jack Starr - False Messiah)

(Jag Panzer- False Messiah)

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Free to live

Dante Gabriel Rossetti: Lilith (detail)

I'm leaving tomorrow to try to catch the wind
And no one will wonder who I am again
Don't question why
Of all the things I do
When I come back, will you be my friend?

Yes and I know
You can't live forever
But I've got to be on my way
I can't take you with me
But I will return again someday

I'll walk by your window
And I'll wonder where you've gone
When you have left for yours
And I've come back for you
That's when I'll know if I've done you wrong

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Angel on the streets

Sidney Harold Meteyard: Eros (love in idleness)

(Al Bano - Angelo di Strada)

Thursday, 17 October 2013

The peasant poet

Sir Edward John Poynter: The golden age

(John Clare - The Peasant Poet)
He loved the brook's soft sound,
The swallow swimming by.
He loved the daisy-covered ground,
The cloud-bedappled sky.
To him the dismal storm appeared
The very voice of God;
And when the evening rack was reared
Stood Moses with his rod.
And everything his eyes surveyed,
The insects in the brake,
Were creatures God Almighty made,
He loved them for His sake--
A silent man in life's affairs,
A thinker from a boy,
A peasant in his daily cares,
A poet in his joy.

(Franz von Suppé - Poet and Peasant)

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Free me...

Evelyn De Morgan: The Love Potion

Free me
Free me
Why don't you free me
Free me from your spell
Come on and free me
Why don't you free me
Come on and free me
Free me from your spell.

Why should I worry that you might not love
you're not
The only love that I've ever had.
Your sweet memory will always comfort me
So why should I be feeling sad
As far as I can tell
You knew so well
I was always at the end of the line
I've loved you as much
As any man can
But not enough to make you mine
So long easy rider
I know I'll miss you for a while
But sooner or later
I know that I'll forget you

And I tell your baby

Free me
Come on and free me
. . .
We let a good love die.
We let it pass us by
Through you tried to keep me hanging on

But with all this doubt
It'll never work out
So tomorrow I'll be travelling on
And saying so long easy rider
I know I'll miss you for a while
But sooner or later
I know that I'll forget you

Free me
oh yeah
Come on and free me
Why don't you free me
Free me from your spell
Oh yeah
Come on and free me
Why don't you free me
Free me from your spell

Free me
Oh bab' come on and free me
Free me . . .

(Uriah Heep - Free me)

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Running Free!

Pulled Him At The Bottle Top 
Whiskey Dancing Disco Hop 
And All The Boys Are After Me 
And That's The Way It's Gonna Be 
I'm Running Free Yeah, I'm running Free 
I'm Running Free Yeah, I'm running Free

Friday, 11 October 2013

Devil's Dinner


(George Gordon Byron - Lucifer's monologue from the play "Cain")
A superior?! Superior?!
No! By heaven, which he
Holds, and the abyss, and the immensity
Of worlds and life, which I hold with him—No!
I have a Victor—true; but no superior.
Homage he has from all—but none from me:
I battle it against him, as I battled
In highest Heaven—through all Eternity,
And the unfathomable gulfs of Hades,
And the interminable realms of space,
And the infinity of endless ages,
All, all, will I dispute! And world by world,
And star by star, and universe by universe,
Shall tremble in the balance, till the great
Conflict shall cease, if ever it shall cease,
Which it ne'er shall, till he or I be quenched!
And what can quench our immortality,
Or mutual and irrevocable hate?
He as a conqueror will call the conquered
Evil, but what will be the Good he gives?
Were I the victor, his works would be deemed
The only evil ones. And you, ye new
And scare-born mortals, what have been his gifts
To you already, in your little world?
But few; and some of those but bitter.
Back with me, then, to thine earth, and try the rest
Of his celestial boons to you and yours.
Evil and Good are things in their own essence,
And not made good or evil by the Giver;
But if he gives you good—so call him; if
Evil springs from him, do not name it mine,
Till ye know better its true fount; and judge
Not by words, though of Spirits, but the fruits
Of your existence, such as it must be.
One good gift has the fatal apple given—
Your reason: — let it not be overswayed
By tyrannous threats to force you into faith
'Gainst all external sense and inward feeling:
Think and endure, — and form an inner world
In your own bosom — where the outward fails;
So shall you nearer be the spiritual
Nature, and war triumphant with your own.

(Lake of Tears - Devil's Dinner)

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Escape to nowhere

Lord Frederic Leighton: Dante in Exile

Standing on a dark horizon
I can feel the flames inside
Like the dawn it's drawing near
I can feel it drawing near

It's drawing near -
I hear the call of winds of war
How it rushes by
Like the words in songs of wisdom
Don't you know that I feel the pain
I feel the pain
I feel the pain

And as I stand on stage tonight
And try to see beyond these lights
If I ventured, If I dared
Would I find anybody there

For all my gods have gone insane
They see no evil, feel no pain
And all the hurts I have inside
Are beyond their foolish pride

I never followed never led
And when they cut, I never bled
I never gambled, never lost
But only now I feel the cost
Of blaming ghosts to watch
Into reflections of myself
Or am I doomed to walk these graves
Or can the future still be saved
We're all alone
We're all alone
We're all alone

Friday, 4 October 2013

The Enchantress

Frank Cadogan Cowper: The Damsel of the Lake, Called Nimue the Enchantress

Hold out in my heart her sweet image
the only instance in her kind
i have lost myself, looking in her eyes
lady scolopendra wastes me away

let her fly where she wants to go
never mind to her flitting flight
never consider her, never implicate her
lady scolopendra forget

lady scolopendra rules over us
with her trifle and whiteness
she blinds and empties us, she fills us of her
she reduce us as crumbs

lady scolopendra is around you
never rule over her or let her crush you
let her live and you can survive, bind to her flight
and you will fling headlong
let her go away, and she'll come back again
press her to you and she'll go away

order songs and poems
for her undefiled pureness
but never think to have rought her
never think to be the winner king

let her fly where she wants to go
never mind to her flitting flight
never consider her, never implicate her
lady scolopendra forget

(Etrusgrave - Lady Scolopendra)

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

At The First Touch Of Winter

Valentine Cameron Prinsep: At The First Touch Of Winter, Summer Fades Away

O thou whose face hath felt the Winter’s wind,
Whose eye has seen the snow-clouds hung in mist,
And the black elm tops ‘mong the freezing stars!
To thee the spring will be a harvest time.
O thou whose only book has been the light
Of supreme darkness, which thou feddest on
Night after night, when Phœbus was away!
To thee the spring shall be a triple morn.
O fret not after knowledge. I have none,
And yet my song comes native with the warmth.
O fret not after knowledge! I have none.
And yet the evening listens. He who saddens
At thought of idleness cannot be idle,
And he’s awake who thinks himself asleep.
(The Winter’s Wind – John Keats)