Saturday, 29 June 2013

Ira Imperium!

Frank Frazetta: Seven Romans

Descend from your almighty skies
And take the law in your hands
For the land, for the tears that we cried
And the fears we shared,
For the damned and the heroes
That died in vain
Are they the ones betrayed?

Ira Imperium
Now feel their anger crash your heart
Ira Imperium
It's time for you to play your part
Ira Imperium,
You'll see the things
That they'll let you see
How does it feel To be the damned
Ira Imperium

It's time to fell the wrath of the Gods
Cause we are their children,
Their forgotten ones
For the lust that we felt
And the lust that we once shared,
For the sins, for the greed,
And the kill
We never cared