Tuesday, 11 June 2013

And sands she turned for time...

Boris Vallejo: Red Sonja

She came in dreams of fear
Oh she seemed so real
In her hands, held a vision of my life
And sands she turned for time

She said to me look now, for when
For when the last grain falls
Memories of me, in time, will fade

Then the dream, it seems alive
And its promise revealed to me
Leads me to the vile fountain
To soak myself to death
"Oh serene its clawing embrace"

Black roses did bloom
Oh my thorns were sharp
And her blood on my shards
I do long

Every night she serenades me
With her hymns of doom
She comes to me once more
She smiles, and dream in peace once again

(Old Season - And sands she turned for time)