Sunday, 22 December 2013

Ride of the Templars

Viktor Vasnetsov: Russian Armored Warrior

Riding and flying on the wings of storm 
Under the shadow of the "Beauceant" 
In the solitude of this sea of sand 
Steel may be a good companion 

Templar knights come in the dawn 
Like a white storm of blood thirsty birds 
Breaking in the enemy camp 
In a whirlwind of swords 

Twenty two against one thousand 
Cutting shields breaking bones 
Furiously hammering in the bloody mist of battle 
Under the red light of sky 

Black and white, darkness and light 
Death and life, pray and fight 
Cross and crescent, evil and good 
All this called "Baphomet" 

Feel the sweet caress of the warm breeze of dunes 
Hear the wail of wind through the mountains 
The vision fade away 
On the red hot sand 
So close your eyes 
Son of the northern mist 
Awake the knowledge 
Light on the torch inside 
Man came from over the sea