Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Tides of my soul...

Valentine Cameron Prinsep: At the Golden Gate

I’ve never known laugh before
And I can’t cry anymore, oh no!
I search for reasons to live
Where void’s too deep to break free – to scream

The tides of my soul
Are dragging me away
Affecting my mind
Making my heart so afraid

Another rain day on me
I cannot stand here to see, to live
A new deafening silence
And no more human presence – oh no

The tides of my soul
Take me so far away
Destroying my mind
Making my eyes so blind

Stillness of confusion
Lonely poor tricks of the reason bursting
Lightning, waiting

Sadness of the moment
Evil touch, heartrending lament
I am standing alone

The tides of my soul
Move up and down
Are dragging me away
From all these sounds
Destroying my mind
Holes in my head
Making me so blind
So dull and sad

The tides of my soul
Move up and down
What’s right what is good
In our world?
I’m scared by these times
Tears on my breast
Is that glory mine?
No no no my friend! 

(Adramelch - Tides of my Soul)