Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Gargoyles, angels of darkness

...the powerful energies of the furthest secret cosmos
heard the prayer of our mother Gaia, the supreme spirit
who gave us the miracle of life... and her dark son breathed new life...
The power of the dragonflame realized what had seemed to be impossible...

And this is then the epic end
of the legendary tale
of the one who found the light
and the dragonflame inside
of the tragic rain of a thousand flames
of the town's defenders who faced real pain
of symphonies of enchanted lands
of whispers of love and hate

The dawn of victory can breathe in the wind
and this would mean the great rebirth
reborn, the one who's giving his life
...the towns lying on the ground
Be one (Be one!) of us (of us!) and
act as all the prophecies want...
To mountains and valleys, to fire and snow,
to sun, moon and wisdom rise your soul...
it's the call...!

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